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Tailboom Motion Detection System

Aircraft models UH-1H


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tailboom motion detection

BART switch board


Product Description
The Tailboom Motion Detection System, also known as the BART Switch, consists of a rod incased in tubing to the interior of the tail boom and extending forward into the fuselage where a micro switch is attached to the airframe.

General Information
Upon failure of an upper LH tail boom fitting, longeron, or attach bolt, the switch will illuminate the master caution panel indicating TAILBOOM. The installation of a Tailboom Motion Detection System will alert the pilot of a cracked upper LH tail boom fitting, longeron or attach bolt. The STC is for the paperwork, all of the parts are standard hardware and material, most available from most aircraft hardware suppliers. A straightforward design, the Tailboom Motion Detection System can be installed in around 12 Hours.
For installations on UH-1B’s, UH-1F’s and possibly other models can be accomplished through the FAA 337 field approval process as a “follow on” approval. 
Read the article about the BART Switch on Vertical Magazine web site.

Additional Information
Weight:  Less than 1 Lbs.
Installation Time   12 hrs.

Approvals STC Number AC Approved STC Description
FAA SR02475SE UH-1H Tailboom Motion Detection System installation

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